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08 October 2007 @ 06:28 pm
high life scenery - three: i go for mine, i got to shine.  
[x] After a month and how many days, chapter three is here! Sorry for the long wait after chapter two. Sembreak is near, so maybe writing the fourth chapter for fallen_angel623 would be sooner than you think. XD Just maybe. Don't forget to comment! Chapter title & cut text if from "Good Life" by Kanye West feat. T-Pain. Enjoy!

Unit 815 Bel Air Summit
2301 Roscomare Road
Los Angeles, California 90077

Monday – 7:05am

“So what do you think is going to happen today?” I asked Lizz who was beside me, putting clips in her hair while I was still figuring out how to wear my hair. The both of us were standing in front of our vanity mirror, cluttered with makeup and other things.

“What do you mean?” she asks, giving me a confused look complete with an eyebrow raise.

“Well, obviously Audrittany,” I rolled my eyes, emphasizing my distaste for the self-proclaimed ‘Terror Twins’, “will be talking shit about us which leads to trouble which leads to another bigger trouble and so on and so forth.”

“You’re taking up Cosmetology, why don’t you just burn their faces with a curling iron or something?”

“And then land my ass in detention? No fucking thanks.”


Room 305 – Detention Room
The John W. Institute of Art
Los Angeles, California 90077

Monday – 3:45pm

Fuck this shit. I can’t believe I actually landed my ass in detention along with Brittany Funk right after I told myself earlier today that I wouldn’t want to spend an hour or so of detention. So how did I end up in this suckfest in the first place? Well, it started when Lizz and I arrived in school with no problems at all. Everything went by smoothly, that is, until lunch time came around.

So there we were, minding our own business and lunch inside the cafeteria (all of the tables were taken at the Quad) when Peyton noticed something strange going on: people were looking and whispering at us. Moving along, we later found out from a punk clique that Audrittany started a rumor about us sleeping with Gabe and William. Outraged, Lizz and I headed towards their table.

Lizz started the verbal argument. Everything was directed at the both of them but she was looking at Brittany dead in the eye. While they exchanged insults and curses, Audrey kept on looking at me, trying to intimidate me. Dumbass, it’s not going to work.

“You think you scare me? Well, sorry but you got it all wrong. Why would I be scared of someone who is an adopted slut? You just got lucky that you were adopted by rich parents!” Brittany laughed.

That hit a nerve. It was the first time in the entire duration of their fight that Lizz wasn’t able to retaliate, but I willingly answered for her. My hands found its way through Brittany’s hair, pulling it in all possible directions. She screamed and slipped on her heel, dragging me along with her. She also tried to pull my hair but I just punched her right across her face. Haha, I actually can’t believe I did that but fuck, I couldn’t just stand there and watch my sister be spoken to like that.

I saw a fat kid’s cake sitting on top of the cafeteria table. Without thinking twice, I grabbed the cake and shoved it in Brittany’s mouth, smearing it all over her face in the process. Audrey tried to join in by throwing food and everything started to get crazy, thus beginning a food fight.


Tables were overturned, people formed teams, the cafeteria became a huge mess and goddamn, were we in for it! She bit my wrist and I just yanked on her hair harder than before. I was able to stand up, and then dragged her by her hair towards the vending machine, drowning her in a pool of Coke. She kicked my feet, lost my balance and fell on the floor beside her after hitting my forehead on the counter.

In the end, the principal came inside and all fingers pointed at the two of us.

So that’s how I got here.

Fifteen minutes left before I taste freedom once again. While waiting, I looked around the room and while I was doing so, a piece of paper landed on my desk. I looked at it with confusion, took it and then unfolded it. It was a note from Sonny Moore in his sloppy handwriting.

Hey Lacey!

Fleur is so hard to crack! I can’t get hold much information about her so you’re my only hope. Help a pal, will ya? What’s her favorite flower? Coz you know, Fleur = flower, in case you didn’t know.


I rolled my eyes after reading the note. I didn’t want to reply back but hey, I’m friendly so I’ll just do so.

Yes, I know that Fleur means flower. You think I didn’t know that? Come on, Sonny.

And for the record, sorry man, I can’t give you information about her. She’ll drown me in my own bathtub if I do so. I love my life so, I’m not gonna risk it. Good luck on hunting her down though.

The bell soon rang, signaling the end of detention. Brittany and I crossed paths on the way to the door. Glaring ensued but I just simply pushed my way out of the room and left school, walking back to the apartment, checking my phone for messages in the process.

There was one from Lizz.

I won’t be home for dinner tonight. Matt wanted to hang out and guess where?
That’s right at Zoey’s, your workplace.
See you when I get home

And another message from Renee Alway, a co-worker of mine.

Laceyy! I know you’re not supposed to be on duty right now
But I need you to be there! The restaurant’s full and without me, they’re one waitress short.
My son is sick and I have to stay at home with him.
So I really need you to be there. I promise, I’ll make it up to you!


Zoey’s Bistro
2301 Olive Street
Los Angeles, California 90077

Monday – 5:20pm

It took me a while to get to the apartment, shower, eat a light dinner, get dressed and go straight to Zoey’s. The moment I got there, what Renee said was absolutely right: the whole place was packed! I immediately went to work, greeting some of my co-worker friends in the process.

Zoey’s Bistro has a cute alternative concept to its menu. It’s sort of a fine dining restaurant but has a casual vibe to it. It’s like a diner, but not entirely. We serve pancakes, cereals and other breakfast food not only during the mornings but at any hour of the day. Pasta, sandwiches, pizza, meat and seafood are also served, and the best way to end a good meal is with the ice cream, cakes and other pastries being sold in the restaurant.

“Take this to table four, please!”

Two plates of food were handed to me. One consisted of strawberry waffles and the other a small slab of steak in peppered cognac sauce. What took me by surprise is that table four took in the form of Lizz and Matt. I smirked and stifled a laugh as I went over towards the table to give them their food.

“Enjoy your meal.”

I guess Lizz recognized my voice because she looked up at me and her eyes grew wide.


“Hell yes I am!” Lizz stood up and hugged me, as if we haven’t seen each other for a very long time. “How was detention?”

I shrugged and rolled my eyes. “Same old bullshit.” I say in a low voice. I grinned at the two of them before going back to work.

The night progressed on with me doing some waitress work and some accounting labor behind the cashier counter. I find accounting (or bookkeeping as some may call it) fun actually since I understand it. It just takes time and patience. I was too preoccupied on balancing the amounts that I didn’t notice that a customer was already trying to catch my attention.

“Excuse me,” he probably said that for like the 20th time already, “would Ms. Hargrove be so kind and attend to this customer namely me?”

I finally looked up and saw a familiar grinning man standing in front of the glass pastry cooler/refrigerator thing. “Hey Lacey, remember me?” He kept on grinning.

It took me a while to get an answer out of my mouth. “Of course, how could I forget you, THE William Beckett?” I still found myself nervous around him, even though I know I kind of shouldn’t be?

William laughed. “You make me feel important.”

“Well, you kinda are anyway.”

He laughed again. “Anyway, so how’re you doing? I never knew you worked here.”

“It’s just a part time job as a waitress and as an accountant. So what brings you here?”

“Well, Pete’s birthday is coming up and I just needed to buy a cake for him.” He tells me, as he looked at the wide selection of cakes Zoey’s provided. “I think I’ll pick that one.” He pointed at a small circular chocolate cake with vanilla icing covered in rainbow sprinkles. “We’re actually going to play a prank on him.”

I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Sorry, I can’t tell you unless you go to the party.” I think that gave him an idea since he snapped his fingers and smiled at me. “I think you already know what I’m about to ask.”

“I think I’ll be able to go.”

“What about your sister?”

“You can ask her yourself.” I pointed directly at Lizz & Matt’s table behind him. “I’ll pack this up while you go talk to her.”


“And that is why the chicken crossed the road.” The both of us burst into laughter after I told a joke Derek told me. I made her laugh, score! But that laugh suddenly subsided.

“William!” Lizz exclaimed, her widened eyes looking directly behind me.

William? Who’s William? I turned around and saw this lanky dude smiling and waving at Lizz, who did the same in return.

“Fancy meeting you here,” the guy smiled. I turned to look at Lizz, giving her a confused look.

“Oh! Sorry…Matt, this is William. William this is my best friend, Matt.” The both of us shook hands and nodded our heads. “William’s part of The Academy Is…” Ah, so that’s why he looked familiar.

“Yeah, so I won’t be staying long. I just came back from talking to your sister and Pete’s birthday is coming up so, I was wondering if you and Lacey would like to go to his party. He doesn’t know you’re coming but I know he won’t mind.”

I sat there uncomfortably, obviously not knowing what the hell they’re talking about and Lizz saw the look on my face. “Pete Wentz’s birthday party.” She informs me. “You know, from Fall– ”

“Yeah, I know…Fall Out Boy,”

“You can come if you want to,” William tells me, slightly punching my shoulder.

“Um…nah, no thanks,” What’s up with that punch?

“Aww, c’mon Matt! I’m sure it would be fun!”

I shook my head. “Sorry, Lizz.”

I didn’t want to go anyway. I mean, I kind of want to but it’s just because Lizz is going, but this party will probably be packed with celebrities, friends of said celebrities and other people who actually have connection and are friends with the rich and famous. Apparently, I am not one of them. So, what’s the point of me going? I don’t really see a reason. I’m not much of a social butterfly anyway, especially the one who parties like hardcore.

“Aww, okay…”

“But if ever you feel like coming over, I think you can give Little Lizz here a call, right Lizzie?” He flashed a smile at Lizz and she giggled. So they got nicknames now, huh? I was the first person to ever call her Little Lizz – well, except for Lacey, but as someone who is outside of their family, that would be me. “Well, I guess I’ll see you there soon!”

And then he walked away, back to the counter.


“So, how did your talk go?” William arrived back at the counter and I gave him his purchase, properly wrapped.

“I think that Matt guy doesn’t like me,” he laughed. “But it’s no big, I think it was just coz I interrupted them or something.”

“Well, Matt’s really friendly; I guess you just caught him on a bad time.”

“Yeah, but it’s okay, the guy’s cool I can tell. Anyway, thanks for the cake. And I guess I’ll be seeing you and Lizz at Pete’s party?”

“We’ll definitely be there!” I said, with much enthusiasm.


The Bloom Residence
675 St. Cloud Road
Los Angeles, California 90077

Friday – 6:38pm


“I still can’t believe she went to that party. This is so like a bad episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen or something,”

“Dude, will you give it a fucking rest? She’s friends with them and she was invited! And I’m sure she really wanted to go.” Derek practically scolds me. “Stop whining about it, call Travis and ask where the fuck is he!”

I was at Derek’s house, in his room. The two of us were waiting for Travis Richter, our other friend to arrive so we can start playing video games like we do every Friday night. Derek was on the phone, ordering two large orders of two different pizzas and I was sitting on his swivel chair with his red stress ball in hand. This stress ball actually works relieving stress.

“But–” I was about to reply when Derek held his hand in front of me, signaling me to shut up so he can order properly. I waited until he was over and then Travis suddenly came in. “There’s Travis,”

“Hey guys, am I late?” Travis dropped his belongings on the carpeted floor and headed towards the mini refrigerator Derek had in his room to leave some Absolut Vodka, Red Bull and other drinks to be chilled.

“Nope, Derek is in the process of ordering pizza here.” Who was finally done.

“Okay! So what did I miss?” Travis asks, plopping down on a purple bean bag.

“Matt here was just going on about how he STILL can’t believe Lizz went to Pete Wentz’s party.” Derek rolled his eyes.

Travis frowned at me. “Dude, you’re still not over that?”

“How can I, man? I mean, it’s in a matter of time before she starts touring with them.” I scoff, throwing the red ball at the wall opposite me and throwing it back and forth.


“It equals to not seeing her for a long period of time. She’s rubbing elbows with the rich and the famous, guys! And this is not like Paris Hilton or Jessica Alba famous; it’s the music business which probably makes it worse. Oh, and you all probably know that her dream job…career or whatever is to be a tour manager.”

“Matt, seriously, let it go. Look, don’t blame Lizz for this.”

“I wasn’t blaming her.”

“Look, it was my idea to involve them in the music business. I gave Lacey a flyer to be an extra on a Cobra Starship video. I didn’t know it would turn out that well and now they’re friends with bands. I don’t see what’s so wrong there. When Lacey and I were still together, she always talked about this kind of stuff. It’s her dream and Lizz’s and I’m helping them.”

“You were behind all this? Damnnit Derek!” I threw the ball harder at the wall, catching it just in time before it hits me in the face.

“Matt– ”

“C’mon Matt,” Travis cut in, “don’t get mad at Derek for this. If you want Lizz to be happy, then you gotta let her go, man. Let her pursue her dreams until she gets sick of it and comes back to you.”


“C’mon, talk to us, what do you see wrong in them being friends with bands?”

“I don’t know…” I mumbled.

“Fuck that, man. There’s something and you, Derek and I all know there is; so tell us.”

I sighed and turned the swivel chair around so I could face them.

“Fine, fine.” I took a deep breath and remained calm, “I’m just so goddamn scared of losing Lizzie as a friend, okay? There, I said it.”

Derek and Travis exchanged looks.

“As a friend or maybe something more?” Derek continued, trying so hard to hold back a grin.

“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.”

“He’s in love with her, Trav.”

“Yep, very much.”

“I’m not in love with her!”

“Stop lying to us, Mattie. We’re your best friends and we know you better than anyone else!” Travis and Derek gave me innocent grins and a very gay version of batting eyelashes.

“Fine, I’m mmphsffphtter…”

“What was that?”

“I’m in lovmphffrphtpher…”

“Speak up Mattie, coz the world can’t hear you.”

So damn frustrated, I jumped on my feet. “I’M IN LOVE WITH HER, OKAY!? There! I said it! God! I’m freakin’ in love with my best friend! Matthew Good is head over heels in love with Elizabeth Hargrove! You fucking hear that!?” I fucking yelled out all that I got; all that I kept inside.

There was a moment of silence but continuous grinning between the two of my friends.

“So, how does it feel letting it out now?” Derek asks so casually.


Travis nodded. “Congratulations, Matt. Let’s celebrate!”

And at the exact same moment, the doorbell rang. “PIZZA’S HERE!” Derek yelled out while running out of his bedroom door.


The Spot
562 La Brea Street
Los Angeles, California 90077

Saturday – 7:00pm

And we’re back at the same nightspot where Lizz and I were invited to our first party with famous bands, except this time, we’re still partying but it was for a special occasion: Pete Wentz’s birthday party.

The celebrant wasn’t here yet but everybody else was. The place was definitely closed to the public and anybody who tries to gatecrash must be out of their minds. A tight security was enforced, who were also in charge of the guest list. Loud dance music was being played and drinks were being served. Lizz and I were just mingling with other people, introducing ourselves and such.

“Can I have everyone’s attention please!” Somebody yells to the microphone on the stage that was set up. We all look at the person (who happens to be Gabe) and William was standing next to him. The crowd was silent as we waited for Gabe’s next words. “My boy William has something to say.”

“Alright! So first of all, I would like to thank you all for coming. This party wouldn’t have happened without you guys. Okay, so does everyone know the gist of the prank?”

A chorus of yes’s and no’s were heard.

“Alright, for those who don’t know yet, here’s the plan. You all bought your own little cakes for Pete right over there at that table,” he points at the circular table with different colored cakes, “but he won’t eat it.” Lizz and I exchanged confused looks. “You wanna know why? Because those are the cakes YOU GUYS will be THROWING at him. Smash it to his face, shove it up his nose or dump it inside his shirt, et cetera! Wait for my signal before all of you can start throwing it at him. Alright? Got it?”


“So William, does that mean our dear little Pete doesn’t have a cake?” Gabe asks.

“A very good question, Gabriel. For those who are wondering the same thing: he has another cake. It’s still, however, being prepared and baked by the members of Panic! At The Disco.”

“That’s going to be a disaster,” Gabe comments and laughter erupted.

William laughed as well, “We’ll just have to wait and see.”


The night progressed on with Pete arriving and in a matter of minutes, was covered with cake, icing and sprinkles. William smashed the first cake to his face and everyone followed, just grabbing any cake on the table and dumping it on Pete. Dirty, Fall Out Boy’s bodyguard thought it would be totally funny to smash two cakes at his ass really hard. Gabe, being inspired by Dirty, dumped cake inside Pete’s pants.

The cake made by Brendon, Ryan, Spencer and Jon was delicious. Pete actually wanted more of it, but too bad they only made one batch and they don’t think they could ever make one that great again.

“Spencer had to keep us from dumping hot sauce in the batter, you know,” Jon informed with a grin on his face.

“You guys are jackasses,” Pete laughed, feeding himself cake and shoved the empty plate towards Jon before running towards at the front.

“Where is he going?” I asked Brendon, who was beside me. Before Brendon could answer, Pete was already on top of a stage with headphones around his neck. It took me a while to realize that he will be the DJ for the night.

The crowd grew alive once Pete started doing techniques on the turntables; scratching, beatmixing and backspinning to name a few. Bright neon lights surfaced from different sides of the place and everyone began to hit the dance floor. While I always liked dancing the night away in clubs like these, tonight seemed to cancel out dancing.

“You wanna dance?” Brendon asks but I shake my head.

“Nah, I actually don’t feel like dancing tonight.”

Brendon nodded. “Hmm…so you wanna talk? I haven’t gotten the chance to know you,” he smiles, “It seems to me that William has been hogging you and your sister all to himself.”

I laughed, “I guess you can say that, but I’m sure William didn’t really mean to.”

The both of us walked towards a VIP room, a more closeted and quieter corner of the club. We walked passed Ryan who was talking to Lizz by the bar. They seemed to be having a good time. Their body language totally screams “flirting”. Lizz was seated on one of the stools, her legs crossed and her right foot slightly touching the side of Ryan’s leg. Ryan, on the other hand, was leaning ever so smoothly against the bar, shifting his weight from one leg to the other while still showing great interest in Lizz, and not taking his eyes off her.

Hmm, it seems like this year is going to be a handful for Lizz, in terms of her desired affection.


“I’m still baffled on why I had not met you sooner.”

“Better late than never,” I try to joke.

Brendon and I had been together in the same VIP room for over an hour already, talking and laughing over drinks (despite being underage, oops) while sitting on a very comfortable red sofa. A good friendly relationship has been built between me and Brendon. I surprised myself by the way I felt comfortable around him. This is probably me getting used to the company of so many famous people right now. I’m sure Lizz feels the same way. Oh, man, people are so going to talk in school.

“So, how’s LA treating you?”

“It’s definitely my hometown. I love it here, but I don’t know, I’d like to see more, maybe New York or…as far as London or Italy. But as of now, LA’s fine for me. Perfect for everything.”

“What about Vegas?” Brendon asks, a small smile slowly forming on his lips as he moves a bit closer to me. “I assume you’ve been there?”

“Surprisingly enough, I’ve – or we’ve – never been to Vegas. I’m sure not only Lizz and I would love to go, but our friends would definitely want to venture off to Sin City, no questions asked.” I took a sip off my favorite cocktail drink, Screwdriver. “You live in Vegas, how is it?”

“It gets pretty dull, but I’ll live. I rarely go to The Strip, but it’s the best part of town, can’t really argue with that. They got great hotels too…great people, great food, great women…”

“Great guys…”

Brendon nodded in agreement with an amused look on his face, “Like me…”

“Like you…”

Silence and an awkward moment happened. Facing and eyes locked against each other. His hand was on my shoulder, while his other hand found its way into mine, our fingers intertwining. Leaning closer, our foreheads almost touching. Just another push and the world is ending for me, right now. You know what I’m talking about.

But thank (?) the Lord, somebody decided to interrupt us, causing the both of us to jump backwards and let go of each other’s hands. We looked at our intruder and saw Gabe Saporta sticking his head in the room.

“Party’s over, kids!”

“So…” The both of us stood up, coughing and avoid each other’s gazes, “party’s over…”


“Maybe I’ll see you…again,” I thought of an event, “like Ryan’s birthday or something.”

He nodded, “Yeah…uhh, right. It was nice talking to you.”

“Yeah, I had fun. Thanks for the night.” I gave him a smile and luckily, he replied with a toothy smile. Aww, how adorable.

“You guys done there yet!?” Came Gabe’s voice and stuck his head in the room again, “So, Lacey, when do I get my turn to be with you in a VIP room?”

I smirked and shrugged, “Let me check my schedule,”

“Gabe, get outta here…” Brendon tells him.

“I see where you’re going at with this, Urie!” He wiggled his eyebrows and finally left the two of us alone again.

“So, I guess we should go. They’re probably waiting for us outside.”

“Yeah, but um…Brendon?”


I looked around the room for something important. I had doubts that something of that kind would be here, but by some miracle, I found one: a pen. “Forgive me for being so…” I tried to find the right word but to no avail. “Oh fuck it.”

I unscrewed the cap and reached for his arm, “You don’t mind do you?” I didn’t really know what I was planning and getting myself into, but my instincts are pushing me to go on forward. The tip of the pen touched his skin and I carefully slowly wrote on his arm. It was only after I finished writing that I guess he realized they weren’t ordinary numbers. “I hope you don’t mind…”

He shook his head and gave me a big reassuring smile. “It’s all good. You give the best autographs, I can tell.”

I couldn’t hold back a smile as the both of us exited the VIP room where everyone was, in fact, waiting for us.

“And 10 years later they finally decided to come out,” Ryan commented on our long disappearance.

“Shut it, Ross.”

Ryan laughed but stopped when he saw Brendon’s arm, “Hey, what are those numbers doing on your arm?”

Ryan caught Lizz’s attention and she as well looked at Brendon’s arm. After much examining of the numbers, Lizz turned to look at me, the innocent by-stander. I shrugged and gave her a smile, while she just shook her head and smirked.

You just gotta love sister to sister telepathy.
-夏夏- Xia Xia: grintamer_shadow on October 9th, 2007 01:57 pm (UTC)
Dude. I loved this chapter! XD I was grinning all throughout lol. I could soooo imagine you and Brendon. :D

.... XD
redd_rockchocfreak on October 10th, 2007 12:30 am (UTC)
hey, finally read it, it was amazing, i LOLed in the cake smashing, putting-in-paete's-pants part, that was hilarious! plus your number in bden's arm= priceless!